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Experienced Counsellor and Family Constellation Facilitator

Since 1995 I have been running Pathways Counselling Service. I graduated in Women's Studies and Psychology in 1990 and went on to run workshops at the Watford Women's Centre while completing further training at the Central School of Counselling and Therapy.

My passion for systemic work led me to train with the Hellinger Institute of Britain and I now facilitate Family Constellation workshops. In addition, I have extensive experience running parenting workshops and working with individuals, couples, adolescents and families. I have also worked with organisations coaching senior management and individuals who have been singled out to be part of the next generation of corporate leaders.

My main area of interest and experience is in the realm of the family. Throughout the year I run Family Constellation workshops that are particularly effective in exploring and resolving complex issues arising out of family difficulties, as well as relationship, career, existential or spiritual problems. Also, I have enjoyed running parenting workshops and baby signing classes due to my interest in early years child development.

I have four children.

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