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Difficult problems that continue to persist in our lives, even after much concerted effort to resolve them, may have their origins in our family system. Constellations provide a unique and powerful way of addressing these personal and deeply felt issues. Such difficulties could include:

• Relationship problems between partners, parents and


• Parenting issues (including concerns about one’s own


• Divorce, separation

• Depression

• Work

• Addiction

• Adoption, infertility, miscarriage, abortion

• Abuse, incest, rape

• Illness, disability, facing death, bereavement

• Inability to achieve what we want in life.

• Panic attacks/anxiety

Even when a participant is unclear about what is causing them unhappiness or distress, a constellator can help the individual to identify the nature of their issue.

Julie's influence is inspiring, thought provoking, deeply moving, transformational and beautiful. The people she touches with it are visibly changed in ways they could not imagine, always better for their experience. I am thrilled to have found Julie and her skilful interpretation of Bert Hellinger's work.

Simon King-Author of 'Live without pain.'

Constellations can help to reveal the way we are entangled with the fates and relationships of others who came before us in our families. By being entangled with another, we can often unconsciously follow in the footsteps of that particular individual. Through this work, hidden dynamics can be brought to light, thus enabling participants to move towards freeing themselves from the forces that hinder their happiness and fulfilment.


In a safe and confidential setting 5 or more people have the opportunity, with the help of the facilitator, to set up a constellation using the other members of the group as representatives. First the participant is helped, via the guidance of the facilitator, to describe their issue. Then he or she chooses other members to represent the relevant people and events. By positioning the representatives into a special grouping (constellation), eventually a clearer picture emerges, as do the dynamics of the underlying problem. This experience can offer us radically new and transformative insights as regards the way we view other people and events, thus providing us with the possibility to move forward with a greater sense of peace, happiness and purpose.

A confidential, safe and supportive environment is provided in order for this work to be undertaken. The process can be profound and engaging on both intellectual and emotional levels. This applies to representatives, as well as issue holders, who can find themselves often touched in a deep and healing way. Please come prepared to participate with a spirit of openness and generosity.

No prior knowledge of this way of working is needed.


Saturday 28th September 2024

Kings Langley, Hertfordshire.

(25 minutes from mainline Euston, London)

Please message me for details

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