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The service Julie provides is really quite exceptional. It's almost impossible to put into words but what I do know is that she gets to the nub of the matter in a quite spectacular way. Her workshops provide the most enlightening, moving and emotional experience and her one on one sessions have proved invaluable to me in my everyday life, particularly in dealing with difficulties around growing teenagers and family life in general. I couldn't recommend her highly enough.

LH London

Julie has worked at all levels throughout Gleeds, from most senior management through our next generation of leaders to some of our youngest members of staff. She has dealt with a very wide range of issues including serious physical illness, stress and emotional pressures.

Her perception and integrity are beyond compareand she has successfully dealt with some very sceptical individuals who now sing her praises.

Richard Steer- Senior Partner of Gleeds

There are more trainings available now than ever before for people who want to become therapists. But you can't do a training that guarantees to make you a great practitioner. That's something that you have to be born with. Julie Toms-Arbel has that gift.

I've been a therapist for seventeen years. I have a very loyal and dedicated Mens' Group Practice, and there aren't many people that I would trust to work with 'my guys'...

It was during the tea break of the first of Julie's constellation days that I brought one of my existing groups to that I heard them saying - in hushed and awestruck tones - "she's a witch! She's a witch..."

It's true. Not that long ago they dunked people like Julie in the village pond.

Now, thankfully, times have changed. Julie didn't get her uncanny insight or firm sense of integrity from a three year course in counselling skills; she didn't get her soul searching gaze or depth of wisdom from a weekend workshop; she didn't get her deeply intuitive powers of (extra sensory) perception and gentle yet strong demeanour from the Open University. She was born with these skills and has honed and shaped her natural abilities over years of practice to become one of the most respected practitioners in her field.

The work that Julie Toms does changes peoples' lives. That's a very bold statement and not one that I make lightly, but one that I can make with confidence because I am uniquely positioned to see the results. And my advice to anyone looking for a therapist of any kind - find one for whom the work is a passion, a true calling, and if you're lucky enough to have found Julie, then... look no further, you're in very safe and unusually skilled hands.

Jerry Hyde- Mens' Group Leader.

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